The help that you need will depend on your circumstances. Whether you need a full scale end to end transition or just help in a specific area Facilligent is here to make it easier

Tailored to Suit Your Needs

Whatever you have in mind, even if it is 'just a query', contact us to to discuss the options. To give you some ideas, here follow some potential options.

Introduction to Agile

Presentations and Workshops which can help you to understand the mechanics of Agile and the solutions to problems which it can provide.

Selling Agile Within Your Organisation

Presentations and Workshops which are useful if you have already decided that Agile is the way to go and you need to convince other colleagues, managers or business partners of the potential benefits.

Opportunities Assessment

Review of current processes and identification of opportunities for improvement.

Transition Planning

Following on from an Opportunities Assessment, this provides suggested routes to successful transition in order to gain most benefits.

Specific Training

Targetted courses for groups or individuals can be delivered. Some of the technical practices adopted benefit from this kind of training.

Resident ScrumMaster

A key role in Scrum is ScrumMaster. One of the best ways to encourage successful transition to Scrum is to have a Certified ScrumMaster work in your development environment.

Resident Product Owner

Another key role in Scrum is Product Owner. The Product Owner is the critical role of a single individual who represents the goals of stakeholders to the engineering teams.

Resident Agile Coach

An Agile Coach will help maximise the benefits of Agile by helping to encourage Agile thinking and practices.